Web Programming Tools and Frameworks

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WEB322 - Web Programming Tools and Frameworks

Welcome to WEB322

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Congratulations on successfully completing WEB222 and welcome to WEB322! In this course we will be expanding our knowledge of web programming by writing our own web servers using JavaScript! That’s right – all of that work you did in WEB222 getting proficient in JS will pay off, as you learn how to create dynamic, server-driven web applications using JavaScript with Node.js and Express.js. We will also be learning a host of new, modern tools and technologies as well and expanding on some of our current knowledge of JavaScript and HTML5. It should be a lot of fun and by the end of this course you will be able to effectively create, deploy and debug web applications from scratch! Before we get started, please explore the course website and familiarize yourself with all the policies, course structure, faculty information, required software, etc. available online so we can hit the ground running. Happy Coding!

The following table has links to course content:

Link Description
Course notes Weekly and daily class notes, and related information
Learning resources A list of digital and physical resources that we’ll use during the course
Weekly schedule Topics covered during the course, organized by week; includes test dates and assignment due dates
Graded work Information about graded work and values
Course outline Official course outline from the College course outline system